Buying & Selling Information

Selling your home can be a bit overwhelming.  Let Hansen Realty, LLC simplify the home selling and buying process for you.

Comparative Market Analysis

A home’s value is not a fixed matter; it varies according to its condition, location, time of year, other houses currently for sale in the area and interest rates.  Let Ken or Chad provide a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your home.  They will show you what similar homes in the area have recently sold for and how long the homes were on the market. As for buying, they have access or can get you the information needed to help you find a great match for your needs.

Ken or Chad will guide you through the process of signing the appropriate documents necessary for a smooth transaction, whether you are buying or selling.


Your property is listed on MLS (the Multiple Listing Service) which is available to MLS members throughout Southwest Wisconsin.  Your property is also placed on our website, and on and  We advertise our listing weekly in the Shopping News and periodically on our office sign.  We have a For Sale sign that is placed on your property, which has great appeal to prospective home buyers.

We here at Hansen Realty, LLC would be glad to offer any assistance needed in the buying or selling process of your Real Estate needs. Let us work for you.